Direct Response Marketing- measure what works

Direct response marketing answers the dilemma of many business owners.

“We knono direct response marketingw we should do marketing but how do we know if we’re wasting money?

Answer: measure your ROI, like you do with every other cost to your business.

Even marketers admit you can’t be sure what works and what doesn’t in traditional marketing campaigns. It’s a numbers game, they say. Put enough messages out there and some will hit the target. Some? What does that mean?

How much is it costing you to miss your target?

Traditional marketing is OK if you have an unlimited budget. But …

Direct response marketing v traditional marketing

direct response marketing

guessworkNo more guesswork

You can “… do marketing…” without wasting money on campaigns that don’t work.

What problem can you solve for your clients?

Who has this problem?

Answer these questions then target those clients with a Direct Response Marketing campaign. You will be able to:

  • measure your results
  • test alternatives until you find the most effective
  • run with the winner

Take control yourself- no more hit and hope, no more expensive flops and no more evasive
answers from self styled gurus.

You can do it yourself.

Start today

start todayAsk for my Direct Response Marketing Planner. Use it to plan your next campaign. Just click on the link and start a new campaign today. Before you waste any more money on marketing you can’t measure. Use it as many times as you like. It is free.


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